With love from outer space (A telepathic messaging device)

Voyaging in outer space is lonely and frightening for both the voyager and their significant other left on earth, especially with no way to communicate with each other. Now there is a solution to stop the skyrocketing divorce rates of space voyagers and their significant others back on earth. Introducing, the tinfoil hat 8021 model. This new product allows the voyager to send messages telepathically to anyone in the universe. All the user has to do is put on the hat and think away. The recipient will receive the message in their mind. The message can be anything. The product is only limited by the extent of the user’s imagination. Couples across the galaxy will never have to feel alone again with this personal form of communication. If you don’t have a significant other, that’s okay, you can always send messages to your mother. 8021, what a year to be alive! Wish you were here…

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