Urban Bubble Garden

The purpose of the Urban Design bubble is to create a space where people can enjoy the outdoors in a cozy and dry environment. Vancouver is a city that has severe social isolation problems. Therefore, to tackle the problem and to encourage people to be out, the urban bubble is a space where student can take a break from a hectic day. Is a space that is contained, but is opened. The front part of the bubble is designed with plastic bottles, and will be feed by rainwater. In addition, there is horizontal tubes with vertical plants going from the outside thru the inside. For plants to be well mantained and alive, a variety of light will be inside the bubble. Blue light … Red light and White light spectrum. The plants that will be inside the bubble are perennial plants. Those which include: Hummingbird’s mint Aquilegia caerulea ‘Dragonfly’ Euonymous fortunei ‘Coloratus’ Fortune’s spindle Which are all low – maintenance plants

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