Thermal Fridge

When it’s cold out, staying warm can be a hassle. In 2039, the earth’s greater population will only strain the earth’s natural resources to permit the survival and comfort of individuals in their respective lives. Heating one’s home will be no exception. Making use of electricity and other materials to install furnaces, boilers and even heated flooring, wood and flammable substances in a fireplace, and natural gases are all increasingly less sustainable means of staying warm. A solution to this? A heating system that harnesses the energy utilized and left from cooling appliances. Playing on thermal dynamics, when a fridge removes heat in it’s internal chamber where food is kept, the surrounding external area subsequently becomes warmer. Instead of having this heat-energy spill out uncontrollably, it will be harnessed and distributed throughout a space, eliminating the need for other mechanisms with which to heat one’s living or working spaces.

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