The Sound of Motion

The sustainable system considered is the Building Materials system is the CIRS building. The CIRS building is mainly made of salvaged lumber. Our idea was to capture the energy of vibration and convert it to sound so on goers could hear the movement of the wood in the building, in other words the “sound of motion.” We went to the CIRS building and tried hanging a welding rod with a metal nut fastened on the end of the rod. We attached the welding rod to a vibration dampening cable attached to the wooden beam of the building so that the rod could move more. Wood vibration caused the cable to vibrate which caused the rod to vibrate. We positioned the end of the welding rod that was not attached to the cable inside a glass bottle, as seen in the cad model. Movement of the rod, produced audible sound when the metal nut at the end of the welding rod hit the bottle. The system successfully converts energy of vibration in the wood from the “Building Materials System” into sound. It is safe, non-destructive, and convenient. It can be easily removed.

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