The Smart Fridge

This Smart Fridge allows it’s users to save energy by: -Sorting your food in terms of temperature needs. (Ex: having a meat section, a fruit and vegetable section, a condiment section, and a drink section) All sections will have different temperatures so instead of having the entire fridge at a very low temperature when only 10% of the food needs it, only the food that relies on cold temperatures will receive the high level of refrigeration. -One never has to open the door. The fridge has a food portal in which food can either be inserted, where it is then sorted, or taken out by selecting on the menu tab what one would like. -It is possible, in the future, that we may need to control portion sizes of our food in the case of a shortage of ex) meat. Your smart fridge will weigh the amount of meat in in the fridge and select the proper amount in order for you to ration.

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