The Living Wall Mural

The inspiration to do our installation on the living wall phenomenon evolved from our initial focus on the natural light and came from our love for plants and nature. The living wall (as well as the living roof) performs various functions in the CIRS. In particular, its foliage provides shading from sunlight and enhances the visual face of the building. Because we are currently in the middle of winter, the vines of the living wall are dry and for the most part, colourless. Therefore, our project needed to be vibrant and eye-catching, dramatizing the foliage. We wanted to incorporate art and creativity, so our final project took the form of a mural (or poster, considering our physical limitations). Our installation was furthermore meant to capture the collaborative efforts of all passerbys in the CIRS building. In the posted video, we have documented the entire process of setting up and creating the colourful mural, with each passerby contributing their own creative license. Evidently, many different individuals had a role in creating this installation, and the end result was a colourful masterpiece for all to enjoy!

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This project was created by Cathie and Jasmine. Our project channel is in video format, which could not be uploaded onto the blog)

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