Postcards from the Anthropocene

by: Maya Fograscher, Laura Booth

The Core Evaluator is a patch located near the ear that is implemented at birth. It is a device that is designed to track, analyze and compile multifarious data on a variety of impacts that affect the human body. This data is used to calculate the chances of certain diseases and illnesses that may be developed throughout an individuals’ lifetime. Data such as UV exposure, CO2 intake, diet choices, and drug intake are some of the factors the device measures. The patch then processes the data to give advice on recommended visits to the doctor, when physical activity is low, if certain vitamins/nutrients are lacking, etc. These statistics are designed to be transferred and displayed on any type of screen. The purpose of the Core Evaluator is to promote a healthier lifestyle and to ultimately expose people to their risks and true state of health. Therefore, reducing numerous health related diseases and illnesses. By doing this we can reduce global food waste and medical expenses.

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