Take out Snack: La Tallera

The snack we have chosen to represent La Tallera is a cracker with a slice of pear, topped with ethically sourced goat cheese, a hint of thyme and a drizzle of orange blossom honey. In simple terms, the colouring of the snack highly represents the colours of the building; beige, brown, yellow, green and golden. The cracker resembles the geometric and simple architecture of La Tallera. The pear and thyme give the taste a fresh flavour, symbolizing the nature that the building incorporates. The goat cheese is to create a welcoming and warm flavour, similar to the interior of the building. Finally, the drizzle of honey displays the golden and natural lighting indoors. All of the ingredients are fresh and natural which deeply represent the essence of La Tallera. Our takeout container design is made of recycled paper and folded into a geometric, triangular shape. This look is to resemble the geometric features consistent to the building’s interior and exterior. The holes poked through let natural light shine through, just as the interior of the building does. The style of folding is quite old, but modern in the sense that the user can easily change the way it feels in her hands. La Tallera looks modern, but was actually constructed in 1965. There is no lid for the container to display openness and give a welcoming atmosphere. The natural beauty of the snack is clearly on display and is not hidden inside, creating a clear connection between the indoors and outdoors.

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