Surface Vibrations

We were particularly interested in sustainable materials used in the construction of the building. As we know that CIRS is a wooden building which is a highly sustainable material when compared to concrete. The wooden structure of the building has resulted in the unanticipated shaking of the floors and stairs. The vibrations from these shakings are significant enough to be felt when people walk normally across the hallways or climb up/down the stairs. We tried to simulate our work to enhance these vibrations so that they attract more attention of the building inhabitants and visitors. We drew inspiration from Fred Sandback’s work in which it depicts a box like structure made up only using strings. These strings only highlight the edges of the box. We made our installation on the stairs joining 2nd and 3rd floors using strings. We chose the strings of appropriate plasticity to ensure that they depict the vibrations in an effective way. Whenever someone passed on either of these floors or the stairs, the strings would vibrate to the stresses acting on the surfaces. Entering the enclosed area gave a unique sense of being surrounded within the phenomena. Therefore, the close enclosure (from three sides) significantly enhanced the experience in an aesthetic manner.

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