Sunlight Mobile

The physical phenomenon that we choose was sunlight. During the day, the CIRS building is majorly lit by natural light. We found that the natural light in the CIRS building is more focused and intense than artificial lighting; we wanted our installation to play into this. We collected a variety of reflective objects from friends and family that were no longer of use. With these objects, we constructed a mobile which was installed in CIRS. The mobile captures the incoming natural light and cast reflections in the shadowed areas. The mobile moved with the vibrations in the building, causing the reflections to “dance”, making their presence more notable. We used a variety of shapes and colors in our installation to draw attention to the mobile and its reflective properties. The transparent and iridescent objects on the mobile were essentially used as prisms to refract the natural light into rainbows. All the properties of the mobile drew attention to the fact sunlight is very present in CIRS.

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