Sunken Parkitecture Collage

This park design will be located on the site between UBC’s Geography Building, Leonard Klinck Building, and the Mathematics Annex. The design choice for this park is based on the goal of enhancing human activity, whilst also providing a place for people to relax and destress. As the site is mostly used for transiting, it was observed that there is a low level of social interaction within the area. Moreover, it was also seen on the site that people are mostly bustling, whether they are going to class or had just finished attending one. This park design aims to increase social interactions by providing seating areas for people to lounge and rest. Not only will this encourage engagement between people, it would also allow people to view the site as a destination to go to, rather than just a place to pass by. Additionally, the sunken element of the park is intended to isolate the park from the surrounding environment. This is done in order to maximize comfort and security in the utilization the park.

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