Sunken Lounge

The Sunken Lounge is a design for the site located at UBC Mathematics Building and Geography Building. The site is a closed space which has relatively lower people circulation. In this design, it is in order to create extra space for users in terms of increasing the people circulation, especially social interactions. This design focus on the social and aesthetic dimensions of sustainability concepts. The Sunken Lounge design will replace the original X-type intersection at North-east part and benches at South-west part of the site. So, there will be two Lounge in this area, one rectangle type and one square type. As I mentioned, the sunken lounge is able to create more social opportunity in this close area. Users can finish their meal and talk to their friends, just the same as what they do in the main hall of the AMS NEST. On the other hand, sunken lounge use wood as the main material, they are more economic and low-carbon rather than traditional benches. On aesthetic and ecological terms, trees and plants in the center of the lounge are able to provide aesthetic experiences and ecosystem services to users. Coordinate to the daylight and shadow that showed in site analysis, those newly planted trees can provide shadow to people who want to have a rest in sunken lounge.

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