The ventilation system of the CIRS building is designed such that warm air enters below the seats of the theatre. This air then leaves the theatre and enters the atrium, where it finally exits the building through vents at the top of the atrium. This process results in a considerable draft from the lecture theatre into the atrium. The draft created by the airflow gradient is so noticeable in fact that placing streamers around the door of the theatre resulted in an easily perceptible display. The presence of the streamers will let people appreciate how active an environment they are in. It will allow them to see that their environment is being controlled and was designed. We chose to make the streamers out of paper used for the Snackitecture project both as a nod to fellow ENDS 221 students working on their projects in the building and to limit the use of paper in general. Nadeem Mohammed & Adam Cojocar TA: Brandon DaCosta

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