Seattle Central Library

Explanation: The reason we chose a grey macaron for our snack was due to some of the attributes the snack poses, which were similar to the feelings we described when looking at the interior of the Seattle Public Library. One of the attributes of the grey macaron is its lightness, which was a feeling for the library due to the glass pane walls allowing in lots of natural light. Another attribute is the grey macarons modern look; this was similar to the library as the architecture was very modern in style. The smooth and solid exterior of the macaron also does not portray the interior of the macaron which is filled with air pockets. Similar to how the exterior of the Seattle Central Library is dark and difficult to see through, while the interior is spacious and bright. Thus, these attributes matched the feelings described when looking at photos inside the Seattle Public library, allowing us to conclude on the grey macaron being the perfect snack. The Seattle Central Library contains solid walls that are stationed vertically and exterior openings that come out at different angles. We wanted to represent the diagonal lines created by the exterior openings by contrasting the triangles with rectangles. Since the structure also has a lot of hard, strong lines, we wanted to make a square box. We also wanted to represent the irregularity yet geometric shape of the building by having the pieces be diamonds, parallelograms and triangles, which are also found on the exterior of the building. We also chose to use black and white because the exterior openings were clear, represented by white, and the solid walls are opaque in colour which doesn’t let in light so it is represented by black. We also wanted to represent the slanting feature of the exterior openings by not having the pieces that are sticking out be completely perpendicular to the top of the box, but are slanted.

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