Reusable Clothes Printing Machine

Postcards form the Anthropocene

by: Chris Hsu & Marika Butzelaar, 2018

13% of the average single family home’s energy bill goes towards appliances, this includes the washing and drying machine. The “Reusable Clothes Printing Machine” provides a more sustainable solution to this everyday problem.  The machine allows one to choose and design their own clothes to wear for any occasion. Once a design has been set, the device will begin to print out the garment that is comfortable and completely fits your measurements and body type. At the end of the day after you are done with your clothing items you simply place the material back into the machine where it will break down and be used again to create your next look. You will never need to pay for clothes again let alone worry about washing and dry cleaning. The “Reusable Clothes Printing Machine” not only helps the environment but also helps you save your money.

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