Parkitecture_Jiwoo Min

When the site is designated as “First Tree Plaza,” representing UBC’s Graduating Class Tree Planting since 1919, it is important to emphasize the identity of the space as commemorating university’s history. Also, when the site is surrounded by many buildings including geography department and mathematics department, the space is used as major passages to reach one building, crowded by busy-passing people. I would like to address a park design that sustains the historical identity and practical function of the site, but also provides a space to stay, think, talk, and rest. The design aims to place 4 tree benches, being inspired by giant tree roots and natural moss, according to the direction of the former pathways. Retaining the pavements of the site and creating intuitive pathways by the positioning 4 directional tree benches, people can use the roads, walking, skate-boarding, bicycling, without any disturbances. As the antique tree-root-shaped benches remind the space identity of graduating class tree planting ceremony, people can enjoy peaceful moments sitting, leaning, talking on the benches.

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