The building I design is a cross-shaped passage made of wood, which realizes social, ecological and aesthetic sustainability. The whole building is divided into two passageways for people to rest and pass through. Inside one passageway, there are benches for pedestrians to rest and chat with each other. Because the passageway is narrow, there are no benches in another passageway, only for pedestrians. There are climbing plants at the top of the passageway, which can block the sunshine in summer to reduce the temperature inside the walkway, and can also be appreciated by pedestrians. At the same time, these plants will attract birds, the sound of which will bring pleasant feelings to people. The corridor divides the lawn into four parts. I will plant small flowering trees and flowering shrubs on the two parts. The plants on the corridor and lawns have aesthetic value and can purify the air. On the other two parts, I will put swings, stone benches and stone tables for students to talk with each other, which can promote social cohesion and friendship. I hope busy students can get relaxed here by enjoying flower, chirm and communication with their friends.

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