Parkitecture Collage

For my Parkitecture installation for the UBC campus, I wanted the design for my park to incorporate the social and ecological aspects that I analyzed through my site analysis, where I mapped circulation and density of people and areas of shade and sunlight. I wanted to create an installation that would be directly interactive with the people in the area to prolong their length of stay people would have in the area, since most people had simply used the area as pathways to different destinations on campus. My installation consists of a wooden arch and two benches in the intersection of the area, that have the illusion of being a single installation, creating a sense of connection, movement, and dynamism. The installation and its aesthetic aspects influence ecological aspects of the area to create eye-catching shadows cast on the ground during the day, as well social aspects with benches to encourage taking a break and have social interaction. It creates a new spatial experience turning the area of movement also into an area for rest. The wooden materiality of the installation will also bring a sense of calmness and comfort and a better connection to nature, just as the past students of UBC would have wanted as they planted their trees in the area.

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