Parkitecture Collage

My parkitecture contains social and ecological sustainability. Social will include the interactions between people and ecological will contain sunlight. I want to design benches that make people feel differently from other normal benches. My three different types of benches have special functions towards sunlight. The bench contains a roof at the top and two benches that are connected to the roof so that the two benches face each other diagonally. Each bench will be made of wood and the three different types of roofs will have different gaps. Those gaps will help people get a certain amount of sunlight while sitting on each bench. One will have little gaps between the woods, which means that it will get little sunlight and a lot of shades. The other one will have some gaps between each woods and it will get the middle range of sunlight. Lastly, the third bench will contain pretty big gaps and it will give a lot of sunlight. These benches will make people feel interested because of their shapes and different functions. Likewise, they will feel more relaxed and warm sitting on different kinds of benches. It will create more connections with people and want to visit the place more.

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