Parkitecture collage

The two aspects I focused on for this project was “material texture” and “human activity”. During the process of developing my site analysis, I saw several people walking through the street between the geography building and the math building looking down. Although I personally walk through the area quite frequently, I have never noticed how bright the sunlight was in that particular space. It was especially hard to walk without squinting or covering your eyes during the afternoon, around 13:00 to 14:00. Along with that, the texture on the monumental trees was another element that caught my attention. Closely observing the line of trees, I noticed how some of them had large lumps forming on their trunks. They are called burls and are oftentimes caused by insect infestation or bacterial infection of a particular fungus. The result of these traumatic experiences to the trees can be seen in the wood grain. Instead of the wood grain running in one direction, they grow into multiple chaotic swirls. Combining these two aspects, I proposed a design for a plane that would hang from the tree branches over the pedestrians to provide shade. This will not only make the afternoon strolls less damaging to the eye, but it will also bring awareness to the beautiful patterns hidden in nature.

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