Parkitecture Collage

The two aspects that I aimed to engage in my project were both emotional responses and flora and fauna. It has been proven in my studies that natural environments and its replications in urban settings can enhance both mood and attention restoration. I am interested in enhancing one’s experience at the site by adding water bodies and a place where people enjoy the environment around them, sit, relax and connect to their surroundings. I have created a cascade that will be connected to a narrow stretch of a river along the length of the site, a water fountain structure that will have a glass designed “bubble” where people can sit and watch the water drip around the surface of this bubble, which will be placed by the Math building. Finally, I want to add some benches along the entire site. University can be overwhelming and providing a calm and nature experience will help people cope with the daily confusion and stress from both personal and professional lives. Hopefully, this can be a way that people learn to immerse themselves in a quick and easy recovery break, as mental health is a concerning issue.

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