Parkitecture Collage

This park design focuses on the social and aesthetic aspect of sustainability. My impression in the site analysis was that people just walk along the main street and the ways they use to go to the mathematics department or geography department building seem to be limited. In addition, people seem to pay little attention to the originally historically meaningful trees along the main street. Therefore, I decided to add some paths and benches so that people can interact, sit, and perceive the historical flow of these trees. What attracted me in the site is the slope between the geography department building and the main street, and I thought that by using this slope, more people will not only walk along the main street but also rest (sit down on benches or lie down on the grass). The paths designed mainly to connect the mathematics department and geography department building also serve as benches and make people look at trees. Hopefully, this installation will reflect to both social and aesthetic values.

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