Parkitecture Canopy

For this project, I have designed a canopy that draws together multiple elements of the site, aiming to create a positive space that embodies both environmental and social sustainability. The canopy will be situated where the concrete paths adjacent to the Maths Annex are as this area is regularly used for commuting between buildings. Drawing from the results in my site analysis – where I recorded movement of people via walking, cycling or skating – I found the space was under-utilised as a social hub as few people sat down despite the availability of benches. I concluded this was due to the hectic atmosphere created by movement of people between classes and the lack of space people could use to work and relax. I have therefore chosen to enhance the aesthetic value of the area through a biophilic design, incorporating colour and vegetation using two plant species – native maple vine and honeysuckle – and red contemporary benches, that will create a positive atmosphere for users of the space. The installation also interacts with human activity by changing the way people use the area, encouraging them to walk under the canopy and utilise the additional benches for socialising. The pergola and benches will be made from wood that is biodegradable and the stepping stones will increase the permeability of the ground, enhancing the site’s environmental sustainability. I also recorded the natural lighting of the area and found the space receives a lot of sunlight, therefore the chosen location is ideal for vegetation to thrive and the shape of the canopy and benches create shade which is ideal of working outdoors. The overall installation brings aesthetic diversity to the open space through the introduction of different vegetation and contemporary-design benches that invites people to explore.

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