Reflecting on the human activity of the site and how it differs throughout various areas, I seeked to redesign the space so that it would be optimal for the existing human activity. Much of the activity that occurs within the site is walking and therefore most of the space remains open, allowing pedestrians to freely travel without restriction. However, in the areas where less walking occurs I have implemented aesthetic storm water drains, which is meant to attract more pedestrians to walk down this path. Additionally, these drains contain comfortable and aesthetic seats which provide visitors with a place to study or relax amongst nature. In redesigning the site I have also considered the emotional response of the park visitors which strongly correlates with human activity. The emotional response that often occurs is chaos and stress due to the great amount of people walking in combination with the absence of space that is available. The openness of the redesigned space rather creates a peaceful emotional response. Furthermore the material of the surface, which is rubber, is quite pleasant to walk on comparatively to concrete.

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