This park design focus on all three aspects of sustainability, basically society, ecology, and aesthetic. The first collage shows a redesigned X cross space. One of the two trails is removed and another is changed into a wavy pathway. The wavy pathway is designed to be made of two different materials, which are wood and glass. It separates the grassland into two different functional areas. The left side is surrounded by trees, providing a refuge for people. The other half is installed with benches. It can help social cohesion when people sit together. According to the topography and the rainwater runoff in this site, a water channel is created right below the remained pathway for water regulation. In the second collage, the water came through the below-ground channel will go towards the multi-layers slope. The slope has three levels and each level has benches for people to sit. The most upper level is designed for rainwater storage, which also provides convenience for watering vegetations. Meanwhile, selected shrubs and flowers are planted majorly for aesthetic values as for attracting people to visit the site.

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