Park Design Collage, Zen space

My park design is one meant for meditation and calming. By focusing on all the three aspects of sustainability in the goal to create a calming space I can achieve my perfect park design. I am using the ecology of trees and calming rock gardens to transition people into a tranquil state. The use of a tree tunnel transports the person from the everyday hum drum and brings them to a serene, quiet and isolated rock garden where they can relax on natural features (wooden furniture reclaimed wood). I am focusing on aesthetics by following the principles of Japanese gardens mixed with the wild nature of an English garden, that transports people into a wild yet controlled, calming environment. Lastly, the focus on social aspects is the one where I both physically and metaphorically divide the park into two areas. One where there is high foot traffic and more acoustic noise, compared to the other side of the park which is tranquil and meant for meditation and reflection.

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