Outdoor study space

The park I have chose to design in the given space includes new study spaces and spaces for people to socialize around in the less pedestrian traffic areas in hopes that the space would be used more. The park benches I have designed includes a modern circular structure that provides shade and cover for the people using the bench below. This structure will include a solar panel which will be used to power the lights and power outlets this bench will have to accommodate people using it. This design targets the social and aesthetic parts of sustainability since it has a sleek yet environmentally friendly design and has the ability to increase social interaction in areas that lack. These benches will be placed throughout the park with a bias towards places less used and on the green space between the diagonal pedestrian crossings on the right side of the map. These benches give the ability for people to study, enjoy a meal, or just interact with one and another. The pathways along this park will also be lines with ledges and benches to increase social interaction.

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