No More Dead Space

The purpose of my design is to invite more people into this part of UBC. Currently, the walkway has barely any people walking through, whereas the crossroad has high traffic density when students and instructors need to relocate to their next classes. I decided to transform the walkway’s space as a place to study so that more people would come occupy the space. The green roofs and wisteria vine arches would create a negative space to make people feel like they entered a separate area and not a junction. The green roof would also provide a rain shelter, a grassy platform for relaxation, and a nice view of buildings, pedestrians, and trees. The crossroad being a visible location would serve as a hook for the walkway, as people would be attracted by the flamboyant cherry blossom trees, which all four would create a dome-like structure, and shadows they make with light leaking between the leaves.

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