Newspaper Wind Vine

Ventilation at CIRS is provided through a mixed mode system. The building is designed to utilize passive natural ventilation strategies in most of the regularly inhabited spaces. Operable windows allow for the personal adjustment of air flow and temperature in workspaces. Cross-ventilation is designed to move air through the smaller spaces while the atrium draws air from the rest of the building through the stack effect and exhausts it through vents on the roof (CIRS Technical Manual, 2016). The installation I have produced showcases the CIRS layered ventilation system in the atrium. Through hanging a “newspaper wind vine” instillation from the 4th floor, I was able to demonstrate the cross breeze that occurs within the CIRS. This installation was able to bring to the forefront one of the CIRS ventilation systems and in doing so, I was able to create a temporary installation that transformed the physical phenomenon of airflow in and around the building into something that was directly seen, and experienced in a new way by the building inhabitants.

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