Nature-Roof is an innovation to be implemented into newly built homes. Going beyond the average garden roof, it holds a storage of collected rainwater, and filters this water to be supplied to the entire household for all purposes including cleaning and drinking. The transport of water downwards relies mainly on gravity, thus saving energy by ridding the need for water pumps. By maintaining its own water supply, each household is allowed the attribute of increased self-sustainability. A 3D sheet printer – on its own called Nature-Sheet – is also buried beneath the soil of Nature-Roof. The printer harvests components from fertile soil it is in contact with, as well as from surrounding flora. These components react with the store of water to briskly manufacture and print out biodegradable sheets ready for multipurpose use. It provides hassle-free production of a sustainable and equally convenient alternative to plastic bags. Sheets produced are sturdy for up to a week, and are transported downwards to the household by gravity as well. Gyro balls on top of Nature-Roof allow easy movement of Nature-Sheet to different areas of fertile soil, leaving other areas to naturally recover their components and richness over time.

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