Mini Nest

For this assignment, I looked at the flow of people’s movements and realized that it was such a shame that no one used the sitting area at the left side of the site. I further realized that bird sounds were the loudest in that area. This gave me the inspiration of creating an installment that could let people socialize yet have a sense of community, therefore I came up with the idea of a “mini-nest”. The original landscape would not be changed, instead, the installment will act as a tool to alter the flow of people and invite them to the secluded area, starting from the X-shaped pathway in front of the Geography building. I also wanted to plant local wildflowers to attract more birds and wildlife. After careful consideration, the plants that I chose will be starflower, kinnikinnick, woolly sunflower, and oregon grape. The plants blossom during spring and summer, whereas the kinnikinnick will fruit during winter seasons. This can therefore attract wildlife all year long. As for the material, I originally wanted to use mycelium but realized that they do not go well with water, especially considering the rain in Vancouver. Therefore I decided to use composite plywood with mycelium as the “glue”.

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