Make it Rain

The CIRS’ sustainability systems of interest are the Reclaimed and Rainwater mechanisms used to collect, filter and reuse water and the reduce the building’s water consumption. We considered that these two systems resembled how, in nature, water is distributed (rain), recycled (evaporation), and filtered (natural filtration through sand/soil). Inspired by this phenomenon, we designed an installation that evokes the natural process of rainfall, and how, after the water is purified by CIRS or in nature, it ultimately results in the water we use daily. We decided to locate our installation in the lavatories within CIRS not only because the water flowing through the toilets and urinals is entirely filtered rainwater, but also because water use of toilets/urinals accounts for approximately 33% of the average person’s daily consumption. This means that by using rainwater, CIRS drastically decreases its water demand from the grid, thus reducing its environmental impact. Previous Iterations:

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