Interacting with Rainwater

This installation aims to illuminate the beginning stage of the rainwater system in CIRS, which is collection. Rainwater is harvested and then funnelled into storage beneath the building. This mass system to provide water is an essential vein to CIRS. When approached from the side of the stairs, it is above eye level (at least for me!) to better exhibit the top to bottom flow. Although minimal in design, this installation allows individuals to interact with the system in a simple way. The ends of the floss are to be pulled and show the water being channelled through the building. Since the water is collected from both sides of the building I decided to use two spools placed a little distance apart, plus this added some girth to the “water streams” inside the tube. I chose to place it in a visible location where it can be seen inside and from the outside. It was important that the installation had a streamlined movement since it is not the same water (aka unfiltered) that is later circulated into the building. The installation collects more “water” as it is used, as the floss pools at the bottom.

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