Inspiration Square

My intention when redesigning the given site was to incorporate an aesthetic layout while promoting outdoor activity and leisure. This plans to target the social and aesthetic elements of sustainability. My collage visualizes only a small section of the park redesign, specifically a section of the main plaza in front of the math building. This section shows the repaved ground, the two trees that will be planted, and an example of the S-shaped wooden bench. The addition of various S and C shaped benches/working tables in the plaza encourage students to sit outside and socialize, do homework, or enjoy nice weather. Tables will also be placed underneath the historical trees in a similar fashion, which will promote interaction of students with the trees. The trees will be used as shade and additional aesthetics. For students, alumni, staff, and visitors, the redesigned space will elevate the space from a functional atmosphere, where students get to and from class, to an aesthetic and social area.

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