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Project Write-up:

This installation will be situated outside of the geography building on the flat, grassy patch of land. It will be a dome structure in patterns of hexagons and pentagons. The panels will be made of glass and the bars will be constructed of a material that can collect rain water. 

Plant will be able to grow up the sides and eventually cover the entire structure. The water collected by the structure will be used to water the plants that grow to cover it. A portion of the rain water collected will also be filtered under the dome, a process that will be visible through the clear floor of the structure. This filtered water will be available through a drinking fountain in the center of the structure. There will also be seating benches inside along the outside walls. 

This project will engage all three aspects of sustainability; social, ecological, and aesthetic.

Socially, it will engender conversation, meeting up, “hanging out” with friends. Also, surrounding oneself by nature, in opposition to square buildings where people spend most of their time, decreases anxiety and improves ones mood throughout the day.

Ecologically, the structure will add more plant life and greenery to the area, enhancing its ecological density. This structure will grow and change over time as the vines covering the surface grow. The vines also demonstrate the interaction between humans and their built environment; the way that humans control the natural environment and UBC’s planning of landscapes. It will raise the question; what is wild?

Aesthetically, this structure will be a mix between modern geometric lines and natural, organic forms. 

This structure will dramatically change visitors experience of the site, it will engage them in the concept of man vs. nature, while decreasing anxiety of people who enter the globe. It will provide water for humans and also for the plants that it supports. The common phrase “trapped in a bubble” has the connotation that being in a bubble is filled with negatives you cannot escape, however, this project will allow people to voluntarily enter a literal bubble and, hopefully, escape the feeling of being trapped. 

It will dramatically shift the experience of people in the area, creating a powerful space of thoughtful reflection, aesthetic beauty, and ecological impact.

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