“Hidden” Patterns of Bird Protection

This device is made up of colorful post-it notes. We paste it on the outside of the glass of the building to highlight the bird patterns on the glass, and we also painted a broken glass pattern. CIRS building has a lot of large windows, which are good for light transmission. There are some trees on the opposite side of the buildings, so the shadow of the trees will appear on the glass. Although birds have extraordinary vision, it is difficult for them to find the presence of glass. When they see the reflection of the sky and plants on the glass, they will mistake it for a safe place. In this case, birds will crash the glass easily. The patterns on the glass can remind the birds of the existence of glass in order to effectively avoid the casualty of the birds and the damage to the glass. Therefore, the design of the glass reflects the idea of sustainable development of animal protection, while the reusable post-it notes also indicate the concept of sustainable development.

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