Hexagons 2.0

The design of my park is meant to influence people’s social behavior and change the aesthetic of the environment. The walkway will increase people’s social interactions throughout the park by providing comfortable and interesting places to rest, work, and interact sociably with others, this is done throughout the park by using the hexagon walls as areas to sit either with others or individually. I will be working more on the design of these walls to help direct people’s interactions based on the size and shape of the hexagons and feeling of the space. For example, the hexagons will be various sizes suggesting places for individuals and then slightly larger ones for 2-3 people, while the stairs created by the edges of the walls will be partially covered in grass creating a space for larger groups to interact. The other aspect of sustainability my park influences is the aesthetic, the walls and overhead arches cast shadows along the less used walkway to increase the appeal and interest of that area of the park increasing the circulation of people throughout the park.

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