Helping Hand and Fridge Friend extension

Yma Daniels 24653157 Letticia Smyth 25639881 Exercise A, Part 2: Health Watch +Fridge Friend Extension ‘Fridge Friend’ is a smart technology that analyses and collects data on an individual’s consumption practices. ‘Fridge Friend’ uses smart technology to track fridge traffic and therefore suppressing a need for excessive consumption. ‘Fridge Friend’ implements its findings to provide recipes, grocery lists, and tips on how to reduce food waste, increasing efficient spending and cooking. ‘Fridge Friend’ data storage tracks food consumption and eating habits to configure an accurate pattern of consumption behaviors. ‘Fridge Friend’s’ synchronized technology connects with its user’s preexisting ‘Helping Hand’ implant. The ‘Helping Hand’ implant is a streamlined informative platform combining personal biometrics with innovative recognition software. Thus, informing users of their eating patterns, arising health problems, and surfacing deficiencies. Combining the user’s personal health data with analytics collected by ‘Fridge Friend’, ‘Helping Hand’ assist in the process of conscientious food choices. Consumption reconfiguration is the pioneer of contemporary sustainability efforts.

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