The HealthMate serves two symbiotic functions: one concerning lifestyle, the other, sustainable consumption. Life two generations in the future will be exponentially more fast-paced, dynamic. As the world continues to interconnect, bringing together billions more humans all ready to live fast-paced lifestyles. The usual morning coffee, downtime, or time lost in meticulously planning diets are too cumbersome for life in the future. Thus, the HealthMate applies a painless, imperceptible shot of all nutritional supplements or stimulants, customizable to each person, quickly, easily as the future generation lead there days. Additionally, the HealthMate trivializes coffee cups, sleeves, lids, as well as single-use vitamin bottles, pill casings, that are currently multipliable by the hundreds of millions that consume them almost daily. In doing so, it offers a sustainable way of simplifying day-to-day health for the future generation.

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