With the declining supply of water, the most important natural resource in the world, a few things would be required to be sacrificed in order to sustain human life. One aspect would include lawns and greenspaces, which requires a lot of water and space to sustain. In a few generations, it is predicted that major cities would be dominated by tall, concrete buildings and that there would be little to no greenspace left. This television (TV), incorporates the five senses (taste, sight, touch, smell, and sound) humans can expect when walking into a forest. Such as the sight of tall green trees and plants, the smell of fruits and bark, sound of birds and quietness, and so on. This TV creates an experience similar to Virtual Reality (VR), however, it is more technologically advanced as the five senses are also felt by the client. This TV can be seen as a last resort if nature is unable to be sustained naturally. The main source of energy for this TV is utilizing the solar power and storing it in the tv from the solar panels on top of your home.

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