Graphic collage

The two perspectives that this installation engages in are “Daylight and shadow” and “spatial perception”. Leverage on the abundant sunlight at the site, I decided to use reflective surfaces to create multiple-reflection images in the site. The use many pieces of small “mirrors” that are sparsely placed at the site is meant to break-down the blocky shadow cast by the Math and geography building to change the rigid spatial impression. In addition, the reflections of natural lights and the surrounding scenarios may help make the site more spacious and lively. In rainy days, the reflection of foliage could make the site less monotonous and gloomy. In order to give more “unpredictability” to the installation, I furthered studied the structure of the dandelion flower and decided to model after its flower head. Thus, the “mirror” will be attached to a supporting rod or rope which can swing in the breeze. Thus, the “mirror” can change their position slightly to project different images or lights.

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