Gradient Descent

The concept presented for the parklet in Agricultural Rd., across the LSK building, draws inspiration from both the site’s available sunlight and the traffic of both pedestrians and cyclist through the site. These inspirations are reflected on: – The change in the designated paths through the parklet as the current “x” pattern would be replaced with a “v” pattern. This would maintain the most heavily trafficked routes through the site. – Steps would be added to Agricultural Rd. in order to improve safety by preventing cyclists to go down hill at high speeds (which increases the probability and impact of collisions with pedestrians). The steps would require cyclists to take alternate (slower) routes or to get off their bikes and go down the steps. – There would be elevated “island” sections in the place of the parklet’s green sections. The main section will contain a mid-height tree flanked by benches. This would serve as a natural “coffee table” that would provide shadow during the summer and the light (warmth) during the winter. The remaining two sections would contain terraced gardens to be used by the communities from the surrounding buildings. These sections would be shaped as mathematical functions and have varying relief, inspired by the context of the parklet’s surroundings. Based on the components mentioned above, this concept would engage with both the social/cultural and ecological aspects of sustainability. The social/cultural aspect is addressed by maintaining the current traffic patterns, the increased pedestrian safety, the new meeting space created by the central section and the design of the islands based on the academic context of the area. On the other hand, the concept addresses the ecological aspect by introducing a new mid-height tree and by the creation of the new terraced community gardens.

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