From Earth to Sky

The restructuring of this park seeks to focus on a distinct style. To allow for wild life areas and habitat hegemony all the concrete paths will be replaced with bark mulch paths. Allowing for a more natural environment for both people and animals. The bark mulch is clean medium, draining well and not creating mud that can be tracked through buildings. Structural elements such as stairs will be replaced with stylized wooden features in mimicry of the north shore mountain bike culture. The main installation consists of three layers. Layer one mimics a subterranean space with an 8-foot-tall cave for bouldering and recreational rock climbing, a social focus. Layer two, built on top of the cave, is an outdoor wood patio for studying and socializing, done in the same stylized wood design. Both these layers are pierced by a 40-foot-tall “tree” in mimicry of Singapore’s urban trees. Creating a third layer in its upper branches for animal life. This is focal point for both animal life (ecology) and human awe (aesthetic).

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