This product is called “FreshTag”. Food waste is accountable for an estimated 3.3 Gigatonnes of CO2 emissions annually, and 47% of this waste happens at the household and distribution level. As the climate crisis becomes ever more so desperate, new technology must be created to find ways to cut down on waste. In two generations, it can be imagined that this problem will be even more severe. The FreshTag is a reusable tag that is a replacement for “best before” tags and labels given to food items. Instead of a projected date, this product continuously calculates and iterates an expiration date that is accurate to the food. The sensor will detect gases emitted, color, and texture of the food product to be able to notify the user when the food has gone bad. The FreshTags will ideally be able to connect to the user’s mobile device. This way, the user can save money and cut down on wasting perfectly good food.

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