ENDS 221 Assignment 3: CIRS Assignment

Please find our powerpoint attached and the presentation below: Our area of focus is the CIRS building’s water treatment facilities. The CIRS building recycles used toilet water using a Solar Aquatic System, or SAS. The SAS in the CIRS building employs natural processes that break down human biological waste and produce clean water. This water is then used for non-potable applications such as irrigation and toilet flushing. This “closed loop water cycle” as it is called, dramatically reduces clean water waste in CIRS. [next slide] Our art instillation inside the CIRS building is inspired by the regenerative nature of the buildings creative water recycling system. We used a triangular design, with each corner representing a different step in the water recycling process. This is meant to pay homage to the well-known recycling logo. Additionally, each representation of the recycling process is made up of multiple individual items. The goal of this is to emphasize that none of the steps taken in the water recycling process are “one offs.” Rather, the recycling process at CIRS is continuous, and significant, recovering more than just one small amount of water. The bottom right of the instillation represents dirty water that has yet to be recovered. The eye is then drawn to the water on the bottom left. The water here is green and murky, representing water that is undergoing the recycling process. Finally, look to the top of the instillation to see the clean water resulting from this natural process in which plants recycle the water in the SAS . In the middle of this process is a plant, which represents the heart of this sustainable process in a naturalistic way. [next slide] Our instillation was located on the first floor of CIRS, near the south main door. Despite the general lack of awareness coupled with the “I just want to go to class” mentality that was noticeable in most students we encountered, some people did stop to look at our instillation and talk to us. One anonymous viewer complimented us on our “cool and humanizing take on such a complicated and non-user-friendly system. [next slide] Here we have some additional photos of our instillation. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them now. [next slide] Thank you for listening to our presentation.

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