Devin Passaglia’s Musical Fun-Time Experience Extravaganza!

My project engages with the social and aesthetic aspects of sustainability. For my project, the social aspect focuses on pedestrian circulation and the aesthetic aspect focuses on acoustics. My installation in the plaza will give on-goers walking through the area a compelling, thought provoking, surreal amplified acoustic experience along a path that they may walk. Different areas within the plaza will play a genre music that represents the relationship between pedestrian circulation and acoustics analyzed in the site analysis in each area. I have divided the plaza into four areas. The music will be played by speakers hidden around the bushes, ground and trees. Area one is called “The Ever-Changing hall” because this area has the most variant pedestrian traffic and acoustics. The music played here will represent the mood of the weather in the plaza. On a sunny day pop music will play. On a rainy-day blues music will play. On a cloudy day jazz will play. On a stormy day heavy metal will play. On a snowy day rap music will play. Area 2 is called “The Trap” because this area confines most of the pedestrian circulation and has the loudest acoustics. Trap music will be played in this area. Trap music like the area is fast and aggressive yet flows smoothly. Area 3 is called “The Chamber of Reflection” because the area has no pedestrian traffic and very little acoustics, therefore making it the perfect place to quietly reflect. Psychedelic music will be played here to provoke deep thoughts. Area 4 is called “The Lonely Heart’s Club” because it has minimal acoustics and minimal pedestrian traffic making it the most lonely area in the plaza. The music genres played here will be “emo-rap” and “lo-fi” to exaggerate the feeling of heartbreak and loneliness within this area.

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