Daily Meal Rations

It is estimated that the global population will surpass 11 billion by the year 2050; in two generations, even that number will be greatly surpassed. The strain on our food resources, both by the population and climate change, will lead to a vulnerable food system unable to feed the entirety of the global population. The “Daily Meal Rations” are the resulting global response where recovering food resources only allow the global population one ‘traditional’ meal a day (7 a week). For the rest, however, a bio-degradable, edible pack containing a week’s provision of meal placement ‘strips’, applicable to the tongue, provides a single meal’s worth of nutrition. Thus, it is the viable solution to feeding the world’s population, as vulnerable food resources are insufficient. When the pack is finished, it can too be quickly consumed, or if lost, its biodegradable composition ensures it does not add to resource stress and depletion.

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