My Parkitecture project focuses on the aspects of shadow and social interaction. The installation I have created consist of a number of dark cylinders around 3 meters tall, with benches around them. The cylinders are each directly across the main path from a tree. They also have a plaque on them which informs the reader of the tree opposite. The information on the plaque includes when the tree was planted, by whom, and other notable facts about the history of the park. The color of the cylinders is meant to imitate the dark shadows cast by the trees across the path at certain times of day. By placing the cylinders directly across from the trees, the cylinders will occasionally shade them. This is meant to illustrate the competitive dynamic between the cylinders and the trees. The benches were installed to increase people’s interaction with the site, as few passers by were stopping to look at the trees alone. The main idea of the site is to bring attention to the trees by intentionally shunning them. Hopefully, by inviting people to sit on the benches and to read the plaques, a greater sense of appreciation will arise regarding the trees.

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