Courtyard Sanctuary

In place of the cross in the courtyard, this design would be placed to make use of the courtyard space as a sanctuary for students to pass through or relax in between classes. The park design engages the social aspect of human activity, where the movement of foot traffic through the space was accounted for, especially studying the reason why the cross was placed in the courtyard. Another aspect the design addresses is the ecological aspect of wind movement throughout the space. It was observed throughout the entire day that most of the wind movement is in the courtyard space since it is the most open area. The design of placing a pond and a garden in the centre of the courtyard would restrict the flow of traffic in the centre and place emphasis on using the paved walkways. The centre would provide a social place for students to relax on the moveable wooden benches. The goal is the make the space feel open, especially during times when movement of traffic is high, but can be used as a sanctuary space during quieter times in the day by making use of the wind and sunlight movement throughout the day.

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