Collage Assignment

In my previous project iterations, I mainly focused on the ecological sustainability aspect of the park design. However, the TA has given me valuable feedback on the lack of “direction” in terms of what the visitor would see and experience in my design. In this collage rough craft, I included several things to enhance the aesthetic experience for the visitors, as well as adding additional details to the design. To begin with, I added a gate at the entrance of the green corridor. The gate signifies the beginning of a different world/atmosphere. The gate is wrapped with green vines to make it look more lively. Immediately following the vine gate is a water tile paved road. This road also contains blue LED under the tile to mimic the colour and flow of water. (The rain water collected is used to irrigate the plants / vines in the corridor, that’s why the element of water is incorporated apart from its aesthetically pleasing view.) The vines on the poles of the corridor are more colourful and vibrant compared to the vine used on the vine gate. A flower bed is also added on the side of the corridor. From entering the corridor, the visitor would feel relaxed and also curious as the corridor is partially enclosed to convey a sense of mystery. From inside the corridor, the visitor can still see the trees on the side of the road between the math building and the geography building.

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